White Dresses for Every Occasion

If you have looked in your closet and realized that your spring and summer wardrobe is just not what it used to be, we have a few key tips to help revitalize your wardrobe with as little money as possible. We understand that women’s casual clothing can be expensive and with this being said, by understanding the trends of the year you can easily create new and exciting outfits with only a few additional pieces of clothing. White dresses are perfect for spring and summer and can be worn in a number of different ways to create new looks each and every time.

Although the major trend this year is focussed towards bold colors and bright patterns, there is still a place for the vibrant color of white. White is an extremely elegant statement that is simple to create and can be utilized in a number of different ways. Fashion accessories for women are the key to taking a simple white dress and creating something completely of your own. Fashion scarves are a great addition to a white dress as well. With so many bold colors and patterns to choose from fashion scarves can really make a great addition to any white dress you choose.

Halter dresses and maxi dresses are by far the most popular this season and each of these fashion dresses come in a clean and crisp white. Women tend to shy away from white because they either think it is too plain or they are afraid to wear this color because it is too easy to stain. Staining a white dress can be a very real fear but the great thing is it can easily be bleached back to its original white if you know what you’re doing with stain removal products.

In my opinion, nothing says summer like a white sun dress and they can be as casual or as formal as you choose. Ideally something that can be dressed up and then dressed down is by far the most versatile and therefore you get the most for your money with this type of dress. I believe the most versatile dress on the market today is the sleeveless dress. This style of dress can easily be dressed up with cropped jackets and sweaters while you are at the office and dressed down when you are going out on the town or spending a day at the beach.

A great white dress can also double as a beach cover-up. No matter what style or color your bathing suit is, you can be sure your favourite white dress is the perfect swimwear cover-up. There are literally so many applications for a great white dress it is just as much as a staple as the little black dress everyone knows that are required to own. Whether you are a fan of strapless dresses, halter dresses, maxi dresses or smock dresses you can most definitely be found in white. Dresses for women this year are simple and elegant and this is a winning combination for any woman of any body type.

Little Black Dresses – Why They Are a Fashion Staple

The little black dress is a cocktail dress designed by Coco Chanel almost one hundred years ago yet it still is a staple piece of any woman’s wardrobe. The dress was designed with Chanel’s intention of having a dress that would be a classic style which would remain stylish for years to come. Her design is almost a century old but it still is what the original intention was: a classic all around chic dress.

The best feature of the little black dress is that the black color is an all around flattering color for any body type. This makes it a popular choice among plus size women because the color makes their bodies’ look much more slim and it is very flattering. Like all dresses that you buy, the dress should be flattering and accentuate positive figure points in the body and minimize the negatives. A black dress will be positive no matter on what body it is on.

There are different sub-styles for the little black dress. Some are lace, sleeved, sleeveless, halter top, etc. The standard design and the most conservative look is a standard cut with 2 inch sleeves. This is the perfect balance between showing too much skin and being conservative.

You can wear the little black dress to a variety of occasions and settings. Depending on the accessories worn, you can dress up or dress down the outfit to match exactly what you want when you are going out to a party for dinner for example. For outfits that need to be much more casual, you can have fun with the accessories and try on a variety of different things such as jewelry, hats, or sunglasses. If you want to dress up an outfit with the little black dress it is best to wear smaller, silver pieces of jewelry and keep the overall accessories to a minimum. Having minimum amounts of accessories and subtle designs will bring the attention to the face and the dress itself.

There are many ways to wear a little black dress which makes the process fun and exciting. Something to remember is that a dress like this is a long term purchase and not a buy that is only for a seasonal trend. Therefore, it is smart to spend a little more on a higher quality product that will last a long time as this is an investment being made.

Short Dresses – An All Season Fashion

Often times we think summer time means short, fun and flirty dresses, yet the short dress does not have to be a one season wear. In fact a short dress can get you the right attention throughout the year, as long as you are conscious of including all the right accessories. Short skirts can add fashion and flare, grace and style, tact and grace, and emotion to any setting, if done properly. Below you will find just the right hints to properly find the best  dress  for your  fashion  and style.

No matter the season, short skirts can be the perfect and effortless way to makeover how you feel about yourself. Slipping into the perfect short dress can easily accentuate the legs to make anyone appear taller. In summer short dresses can be rocked with bare legs leading the way or in the winter time they can be accessorized by wearing tights as not to let the legs get too cold with the winter breezes.

Short dresses do not only have to accentuate the legs but can do an equally good job of showing off some other assets that us women enjoy. With a short babydoll chest one can accentuate both bust and hips, showing off the wonderful and diverse curves of women. But we must always remember that with short dresses you must always be comfortable in your skin and do not want to appear awkward and uncomfortable in your dress if you are constantly pulling it down. This is why it is so important to remember to always wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident.

While short dresses are associated with summer, they can also be sported during winter seasons with leggings, or even jeggings to stay warm. This is a great option for those who want to bring the casualness of summer to the winter season. Jeggings and leggings have become known as great stylish protectors. As they are classy and soft to the touch, they are also function in that they can stop the flow of unwanted cold air and keep you warm during the winter between indoor and outdoor settings. They still keep you looking classy, depending on how you wear them, the material, and your preference of colors.

Overall, short dresses are a great wardrobe item for every woman, as they are stylish, sexy, and glamorous, and they can be tailored to be worn in any climate.

Women’s Fashion Guide – How to Dress Correctly For Your Figure

Do you want to look good every single day? Believe it or not, if you know how to dress correctly for your figure, you can. What tops look good on an hour-glass shape? Dresses for skinny girls? The following is a women’s fashion guide for basic figures.

Women come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, that what’s makes us all beautiful and unique. If you want to look good in whatever you wear, the trick lies in learning to play up your assets.

Do you have great legs? A small waist? Are you curvy? Here’s a list of the basic shapes and the types of clothes and cuts that flatters them.

1. The Inverted Triangle

This figure type is basically broad around the shoulders, narrow on the waist. Stay away from shoulder pads and boy-cut coats. V-neck tops and flowing skirts (flaring or bubble) look really good on this body type.

2. The Triangle

The complete opposite of the inverted triangle: wide hips, narrow shoulders. Balance out your figure by buying tops with sleeves, padding or bold prints. Wear dark-colored bottoms to create the illusion of smaller hips.

3. The Hour-glass

Curvy women usually have small waists. Emphasize the smallest part of your waist by wearing belts and waist-cinching dresses. As that saying goes, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”

4. The Pole

Skinny and lanky, this body type needs to create the illusion of curves. Wear open tops (scoop necks, etc.) and flowing skirts that cinch at the waist.

Warning: Dressing correctly for you figure will gain immediate results. So, head on to the mall now!

Vintage Dress Styles Make a Comeback

The term “vintage” can mean a few different things when women’s fashion is concerned. In terms of this article, we are going to discuss vintage dress styles in terms of the fashion dresses that have made a comeback over the years. The three dresses we would like you to be aware of include the maxi dress, the bubble dress and the mini dress. Each of these dresses have been in our fashion history and today modern designers such as Elan International have taken these styles and included them in our current women’s fashion line.

The Maxi

The maxi dress is a very basic style that women everywhere are jumping on board with. The long flowing style of this dress is definitely timeless and any woman of any age can take advantage of it. The traditional maxi is of floor length and made of comfortable fabrics including polyester and cotton blends. In terms of the overall style of this dress you can find spaghetti straps, scoop necklines, halter top style and of course the racer back for those incredible casual days on your calendar. Although the maxi dress is a very comfortable summer dress option it does still offer somewhat of a fit. It is not form fitting but it most definitely hugs your physique. This simple style factor can make even plus size women look smaller and feel confident in this dress.

The Bubble Style

The Elan dress line includes a variety of bubble dresses in a number of different colors. Let’s first outline the basic style of this vintage dress. The bubble dress can be strapless, halter or spaghetti straps in terms of the upper body style. As for the lower half of this dress the “bubble” description comes from the banded hem of this dress. There is an elastic band at the bottom of this dress that allows it to fall over the band creating a type of bubble. These Elan casual dresses are most commonly found to be knee length which for most women is the perfect length. This style can be both casual and formal depending on the accessories you choose to pair with it.

The Mini

A blast from the ’70s brings us the mini. It has been a part of the women’s fashion industry for a few years but only recently are women beginning to warm up to this risky fashion trend. The mini dress is a good 4-5inches above your knee which is most definitely considered a risk compared to the lengths we are used to. Mini dresses can be found in strapless styles, sleeveless as well as halter styles to name a few of the most popular summer versions of this dress. There is nothing trashy about the mini dress and the Elan International clothing line has proven this through their development of this vintage dress.

Vintage dresses such as the ones listed above can really add something new to your current wardrobe. If you are ready to take a step back in history to look great today, consider the bubble dress, the maxi dress or the mini dress for a fresh look.

Corporate Dressing Basics – 5 Fashion Tips For Office Women

First impressions mean a lot most especially when in the business world. Appearance is the first article people see. Assumptions are often made on the personality and ability in just a few seconds.

Knowing how to dress for work can be overwhelming most especially for women. This is because women business attire have a wider range of choices than men. Style, colors, fabric, accessories and make-ups should be considered. Many women fail on these and made poor choices.

Getting dressed for work doesn’t mean leaving the personal style. Just keep in mind to dress professionally rather than trendy. As a corporate woman, dress simple and elegantly.

Tips on how to dress professional in a fashionable way


Color plays an important part in professional image. Traditional colors such as gray gives an impression of conservativeness, black signifies chic, navy blue means trustworthy and red connotes aggressiveness. On the other hand, aqua or pale blue and dusty rose shows feminine yet authoritative. Color white leaves an impression that the person has a desire for perfection and intricate ideas. Brown means honesty and wholesome or practical.

It is advisable for solids like the five basic shades which are black, brown, navy, gray, camel or white when it comes to selecting suites, pants or skirts. Preferred colors can be worn on day blouse.

Most women choose colors on their blouses in a complementary to their hair, complexion or mood.


High heels are nice and fashionable; however, beware of the narrow stiletto types. These are not only inappropriate but they can be very uncomfortable. Walking, climbing stairs and standing for long periods of times during busy days should be considered. And no one would want to end the day having sore toes, calluses and corns. Also avoid wearing open-toe shoes and sandals for they are inappropriate too and in fact, most companies prohibited wearing them. Definitely no athletic footwear and most of all, never wear worn-out shoes.

Wear shoes that are stylish and yet appropriate in a business attire. It is advisable to wear wider and thicker type of hills to give your feet support and comfort.


A confident woman does not need to wear a lot of jewelry. Wearing too many accessories could draw negative or excessive attention causing distractions and intimidation to other people.

It would be perfect to wear stud earrings and a simple necklace. A silk scarf would also give the business outfit a polish look.


Women should be careful when putting makeup. Heavy makeup may cause unwanted impressions and attention. Keep the makeup light as much as possible. Go for natural colors to achieve a fresh and look.


Choosing the right kind of bag is significant in expressing personality. A slouchy bag looks sloppy.

Bags should be elegant, however should project a well-organized image. Choose a bag that has a lot of compartments to fit any paper works and personal things as well.

Some women prefer to have a Coach bag where in they could put their personal things like make-ups and perfumes. Laptops and other paper works could perfectly fit inside this type of bag.

Fist impression is very important in a business world. Be careful on how to dress for it takes only a few seconds to create a lasting first impression. Be careful in selecting dress colors and shoes to wear, accessories, makeup and bags.

It is important for corporate women to dress professionally and at the same time express their personalities and fashion senses. Their attire should project a smart, intelligent, competent and organized image.

Fall Fashion Trends for Women – How to Dress for Success with the Latest Fall Fashions Trends

The fall fashion trends are in. What are the hottest looks for fall? From Gucci to Prada, there are bizarre shaggy coats, and color-blocked toeless socks; perilously low-cut white tuxedo jackets and four-inch-high patent leather oxford pumps. And don’t forget the impractical shade of sky blue for coats, bags and furs, and multi-colored shoes that look like building-block toys.

Women have it tough. The latest styles on the runway usually don’t translate well to the boardroom or the cubicle, and we risk looking unprofessional. If our image doesn’t inspire confidence and credibility, we risk not getting the promotion we deserve, or the client or contract we want.

So how do we interpret the current trends without becoming a fashion victim? Here are some tips that take you from the runway to the cubical.

Dress for your industry. If you are in advertising, the fashion industry, or a business where your style is noticed, you are more open to adapting the trends to your personal style. If you are in a conservative industry such as financial services or healthcare, you need to adapt the styles to your office. Remember that business is still conservative.

Take your cues from above. Look at what your boss or manager are wearing. Look at what the men in your office are wearing. Can you picture them wearing plaid knickers or red toeless socks? If you are serious about your career, you need to dress for the workplace, not for the runway.

Don’t confuse trends with appropriate business attire. Anything see-through or revealing, or very short or tight is evening wear. It isn’t appropriate for the workplace. The fur and feathers of the season, the ultra-high heels and the glittering metallics are fun for a night out, but they send the wrong message for the daytime. Dress for fun on your own time. At work, dress to represent your company and to make your customers and boss feel comfortable.

Check yourself in a mirror. Look at yourself, front and back. What happens when you sit down or lean forward? Are you showing the world your underwear? Or more of your anatomy than you really should be revealing?

Find the middle ground. Look for a moderate version of the new style. Menswear is always big in the fall, and it’s easy to find suits and trousers to pair with a tailored jacket. Go for the new looks, but not the tightest, shortest or widest version. There are always options that are more professional. The added benefit is that they won’t go out of style quickly, so you’ll get more wear for your money.

Aim to look professional. Ask yourself, How will my customer or boss feel if I show up wearing this? If you think they may feel uncomfortable, why risk your career success? Dress the way you like on your own time. At the office, dress for the corporate environment.

Tip – The workplace is not the place to reveal the inner you. Dress for your job when you are at work, and for yourself on your own time. With a little planning, you can translate the latest fall fashions into business attire that looks trendy, yet professional.

How to Run a Fashion Show For Prom Dresses

A fashion show intended to showcase is different from an ordinary high street fashion show. Not only will it take much longer for models to get into their outfits (which rules out quick changes) but the value and delicacy of the items means that a great deal of care needs to be taken.

Timing your show

You need to allow around two minutes per model. This is enough time to walk down the catwalk, pose and walk back down the catwalk.

In terms of back stage timing you need to allow ten minutes for a girl to get a dress on for which she will need at least one helper.


If you can, its great to have male models accompany your female models down the catwalk. A local hire company may be willing to lend you suits if you give them a call.


Ask someone with good presenting skills to compere the show. Their role will be to announce the name of the model and give a commentary about the dress that they are wearing. For example ‘This is Amy, she is wearing Bella, one of our pink prom dresses. This dress features stunning genuine crystal beading with a flowing tulle skirt’.

You should provide your compere with a script for each model/dress. This script should be organised in the same running order as the show.


You should choose music which is both popular with the students in the show and appropriate for the occasion. Pay attention to the bpm (beats per minute) of the music. Your models will walk in time to the music and if the beat’s too fast they may end up half jogging down the catwalk (ruining your timings!).

Vet all music before hand to ensure that it doesn’t contain expletives.

Walk Through

It’s a good idea to have a walk though of your fashion show. While it is common to do a full dress rehearsal (wearing all the outfits), you should think carefully about doing this. Every time a prom dress is handled it runs the risk of being damaged. It is therefore not advisable to do a full dress rehearsal.

Backstage help

You will need at least one person to help when a girl is trying to get into her dress. If you can stagger the girls putting on their dresses then you won’t need as many helpers.

You also need a stage manager and an assistant stage manager. Both of these people should have a clipboard with details of the order in which the girls will go down the catwalk.

The stage manager stands in the wings and is responsible for ensuring that the right people go on stage at the right time.

It is there responsibility to make sure the girl starts putting the dress on in time and to make sure she is down in time. They need to be female so they can go into changing rooms.

Changing rooms

Ideally you need two rooms close to the stage. At least one needs to ensure privacy.

As prom dresses are worth hundreds of pounds each it is important to ensure they will not get damaged in the course of a fashion show.

One way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is by ensuring that no food, drink or make up is allowed into the changing rooms. Only the girls themselves and people helping them to get ready should be allowed in the changing room.

Ask girls to take responsibility for dresses

Begin by explaining to the girls involved that they will be personally responsible for taking care of their dresses. Each girl should formally ‘sign out’ the dress when she takes it off the rack. At the end of the show, someone needs to be appointed to check the dresses back on to the rail. A girl’s name should only be checked off the list when they have brought their dress back.

Enjoy it!

Running a fashion show can be great fun so finally, have a great time!

High Fashion Dresses – Without Fashion High Prices!

Showing off your femininity is a big part of women’s fashion and one that is not likely ever to be replaced or lost in time. Fashion dresses have always been an important staple in any woman’s wardrobe but this year you’ll find women’s dresses to be a great combination of casual and elegant. Did you ever think you could look fabulous and be comfortable at the same time? We can show you some extremely stylish dresses to consider for your next event or to simply add to your collection that do both.

First, what you want to consider is the material of the dress you’re considering. Materials that are most comfortable and utilized in women’s casual clothing are cotton, jersey knit and polly lycra. These materials form with every curve of your body, are soft to the touch and so amazingly comfortable you could spend all day in them. The only other aspect of choosing the right holiday dress for you is to make sure it is not too short. If you are constantly worried about the length of your dress there is no way you can be comfortable. Just above the knees is generally the perfect length no matter how tall you are.

Now that you have an idea of the different comfortable fabrics dresses can be found in, let’s talk about style. The number one style today designed by Elan International is a long sleeve fashion dress made out of polly lycra with cinching at the waist. It is a simple dress with a low cut neckline, long sleeves, waist cinching and a great sense of flow to add to the equation. This dress is a perfect example of a fashion dress that can be worn for a simple dinner out, an extravagant party or even to your office during the work week. With a simple black dress like this it is the accessories that define the event you are heading to. No jewellery at all suggests a more casual look and sparkling jewellery suggests evening wear.

If you’re looking for a fashion dress that will make more of a statement this low cut halter top dress is just for you. Elan International has created an extremely sensual yet elegant evening dress that can be worn to nearly any occasion. It looks great and is comfortable too. With a low draping neckline, a twisted neck strap and a form fitting figure throughout you are sure to be looking your best in this fashion dress.

Each of the dresses mentioned here are not only just a taste of what Elan International has to offer but they are also available for a fraction of the price in comparison to other designer dresses on the market today. Shopping online is a great way to save on your fashion dresses and it can be a fun way to shop as well! If you currently have no fashion dresses in your closet it is time to for you to jump into the future of women’s casual clothing!

The Summer Dress – An Icon of Summer Fashion

The lazy days of Summer. It almost makes the rest of the year worthwhile doesn’t it? As we emerge from the freezing, dark and miserable Winter months people start to put away their dull, heavy and somewhat less stylish Winter clothes and coats and start to think ahead to when they can wear something light and breezy to help pass those restful days spent on the beach during the Summer holidays.

Pictures in magazines start to lift our mood and give us ideas as the celebrities and the designers start to set the fashion trends for the coming Summer months. It is time to start thinking of uncovering ourselves and letting our legs and arms out into the sunlight for the first time in quite a number of months. The icon for Summer that sends out the message that warmer weather is on the way is the Summer dress. Each year we wait with eagerness to see what Summer dresses will be delivered to the shops so that we can decide if it matches up with our swimwear or whether it means that we also need to be in the market for a new bikini or cutout swimsuit.

Will you opt for a full length maxi dress or are you tired of hiding away meaning that a shorter floatier type of Summer dress will be the way to go? One thing is for sure, the manufacturers won’t have forgotten anyone. There will be Summer dresses to suit everyone, every body shape and every pocket. There will be perfect Summer dresses for that special occasion and there will be perfect Summer dresses for strolling along the beach.

You will inevitably decide upon your favourite dress this year as you did last year and it will be the first item of clothing you turn to in the morning. It will be easy to slip on and it will be comfortable against your skin. You will be able to alter its look depending on what accessories you choose to go with it. It will be versatile and it will be flattering and you will love it. It will be easy to fold into your suitcase and it will travel everywhere with you. Your Summer dress will be your constant companion for the next few months.

Your new Summer dress won’t be complicated. It will be simple and it will be easy to look after. The only thing left to do is have a look around and decide. Happy Summer.