How to Transform Your Dress With Fashion Accessories

The beauty of wearing a dress is that it suits all occasions. Whether you are wearing a tailored dress or a simple little black dress, it can be suited to fit your needs. You do not need to buy the most expensive dress on the rack; all you need is to transform what you already have. By using fashion accessories you can feel confident in what you are wearing.

I have more accessories then I do dresses. I make my accessories make my outfit. By tailoring your accessories I choose to be dressed-up or dressed-down. If I have a day event to go to but need a more formal approach for evening, I do not change my whole outfit but rather bring with me a few key pieces of accessories. This can be as simple as changing out my shoes and putting on a nice necklace and earring.

For a more dress-up appearance, consider wear drop down earrings, chandelier earrings or a simple pearl earring. Think about pulling your hair up into a twist or a chignon with a beautiful hair clip. Make good choices on your shoes. It can be a high heel or low, which ever you choose, make sure they are comfortable, as there is nothing worse than that painful blister.

Use a small purse or a clutch bag is much classier then “the big purse”. If you are wearing a tailored dress a scarf is a nice accessory to wear to soften the look of all those tailored lines. A pin can make a dress make a statement. If you only have a black dress sitting in your closet, but are thinking of a fun fresh look, choose more colourful accessories. Then at night time choose the more reserve, classic pieces.

For a more dress-down appearance you can consider hoop earrings or ones that are more fun and colourful. If you choose to wear a necklace, this is where you can let your personality shine. There are a lot of great necklaces out there in all different styles that can make or break an outfit. Your hair can be in a simple braid or consider wearing a nice sunhat with your chosen dress. Sandals or low heels would be appropriate.

In the end, it is all about being true to you. Feel confident in what you wear and trust me people will take notice. Make your personality be said through the fashion accessories that you choose. Take the dress you have and have fun with it, then sit back and enjoy all those compliments that will be coming your way.

Fashionable Dresses in the Office

In office, most of us wear suits. It is simple and out of fashion. Your dresses are so important that can influence your mood, communications and relationship in daily life.

Are you worried about what should be worn fashionably when you are in office? There are several kinds of good matches that make you catch up with the fashion and be a fashionable model.

1. A cream-colored sweater with star pattern match to a blue printing long skirt will make you cute. If you tie a stylish belt, your slender body can be revealed in public.

2. Red tight dress is one of the most catching-eye dresses. You can wear a sweater and match with red tight dress in your office. It is fashionable and attractive. You will be a queen of fashion in your office.

3. A cream-colored sweater matches with pants is one of the common dress. If you would like to brighten yourself, you can only wear a purple scarf to match it. It will make you more attractive.

4. A tight red long skirt can match an overcoat. Your red skirt is swaying under your overcoat that will make you more attractive and charming.

5. One of the most fashionable dresses in office is striped trouser. And it will make your legs slimmer and overcoat reflect you vigorous.

6. In women’s wardrobe, the white shirts are necessary. And they also easily match with other dresses. You can tie a black silk or belt that makes you neat.

Besides, wearing a brilliant purple long skirt and matching with purple scarf will be helpful to make you look romantic and harmonious.

Dress to Impress in Ethically Responsible Fashion

Ethical fashion or ethically responsible fashion can be explained as an approach to design, sourcing, and manufacturing of clothing, which is both economically conscious and sustainable. It includes all kinds of wears like dresses, jeans, shoes, tops, jewelry, jacket, shirts, blouses, and other accessories. Due to various factors like child labor, exploitation of the workers, low wages, environmental pollution, and other reasons, Ethical fashion brands are being more sought after nowadays.

Ethical fashions dresses are comfortable, stylish in casual and formal outfits for men, women, children and elders. These soft and cosy fabrics are ready to wear and ideally suited for summer. Ethical fashion dresses comes under various brands and designers like:

o Adili is famous online ethical departmental store.

o Absolution Saves is the Ethical printer of organic T-shirts and home wares.

o Albatross contains variety of women nightwear and lingerie.

o All Things Green has clothing accessories for every age group.

o Amana offers women clothes in sustainable fabrics, including organic cotton.

o Ardalanish is popular for its woolen products and meats from the isle of Mull.

o Arkadash has variety of ethical clothing for every age group.

o Ascension offers organic T-shirts and jeans.

o Beaumont Organic offers simple, elegant women wear in organic cotton.

o Braintree Hemp offers casual clothes for men and women in hemp, bamboo and cotton.

o Belle and Dean has variety of organic cotton clothes for babies, women and children.

o Calico Moon offers fair trade and organic clothes, accessories and more.

o Chandni Chowk also has variety of fair trade and organic clothing and accessories.

o Ciel offers stylish ethical clothes for men and women.

o Clothworks Boutique Ethique offers women wears in sustainable fabrics.

o Colonel Kilgore Clothing has variety of organic cotton printed T-shirts.

o Conscious Elegance is an Eco friendly name in wedding dresses and ball gown.

o Del Forte has a wide range trousers and skirts for women in organic denim

o E-co is a famous name in quality cotton clothing for men and women.

o Ethical Super store is a famous name in ethical clothing for men, women and kids.

o Fashion Conscience offers wide range of style conscious ethical fashion for women.

o Feral has organic cotton T shirts for men, women and children to support Global cooling.

o Frank and faith contains clothes for women, men and children made in UK from sustainable fabrics.

o Get Ethical has wide range of ethical clothing, and accessories.

o Goodone is an innovative name in recycled clothing for women and men.

o The Green Apple is ethical store offering wide range of clothing and accessories.

o The Hemp Store is famous name in clothing accessories for all ages in hemp and organic cotton.

o HUK offers organic cotton t-shirts for women children and babies.

o Jo Pott offers fair trade women wear and interiors.

o Junky styling offers stylish recycled and reworked clothing

o Life clothing is a famous name in fair trade and organic cotton clothing for women.

o Makepiece has variety of women wear elegantly designed and made in England.

Ethical fashion has revolutionised the concept of clothing and wear by strongly advocating and preserving the nature and its resources. By going Green, people are enjoying natural and easy summer outfits and wears.

Small Guide to Islam Dress Code

Muslim fashion has grown significantly in the past few years, and it is not only just clothing for adults, but fashion for children as well. Here are tips on how you choose the right Muslim   fashion   dress  that is not against the Islam dress code:

First as a Muslim woman by the rules of Islam, clothes aimed at protecting the wearer body from the things that could hurt her, in addition to covering the aurat. That is why Muslim women choose clothes that disguise the loose silhouette.

But wait, what is aurat? For a woman, everything is aurat except face and two palms. Aurat is very closed to sexuality. For instance, when a man see the navel, the thigh, the breast, the buttock or the hair of a woman, the man will surely got excited and his lust will start to control him. And this is what Islam don’t want because when the lust start to control a person, he will surely lost his logic and mind. But there is some questions on about why must women cover their hair? Well, we never know what a person like to see. Sometime a man can get excited by just seeing some hair. So Islam want to take prevention since prevention is better than cure. Logically, why must a women appear sexier to other men rather than her husband? Also, why exposing your body everywhere if you are still a single? In Islam, women are valued highly, and must be treasured wether it is in the family or community.

Second, select an appropriate Muslim dress collection in size so as not to disturb your walking process. Another reason that Islam forbid tight clothes is, a too tight clothes might disrupt your skin breathing process as well as natural body sweating circulation, while a dress that is too big in size is also dangerous because it can be stepped on while walking and cause the wearer to fall

When you choose Muslim dress code, you should not use the double-tight clothes with short sleeves, three-fourth blouse, or tank top. If you choose to wear Islam dress code, choose long sleeves.

Select materials and models that is suitable with your activity. If you are an active person, the best materials for your clothing are those that absorbs sweat fast and cannot easily ruffled, and consists of blouse,or long sleeved shirts, with a trousers. If your activity are less dynamic, the best options are blouse or long sleeved shirts with a long skirt.

Third, pick a headscarf / hijab model which remains your neck unexposed. You don’t have to only look for a Muslim standard hijab. You can also wear a long scarf and create your own hijab wrap. The focus of Muslim fashion is on hijab, so make sure you make a stylish hijab wrap style. Sexy is not a standard in Muslim fashion, but gorgeous.

A different style of hijab wrapping that is suitable with your face shape, and your dress color, could bring the same gorgeous aura with $1000 hair making.

Select clothes that disguise the lack of models of the body to bring your self confidence. For example, a thin person should wear clothing that seemed stacked, and for those who extra size should use lightweight materials.

Remember to stay tuned to fashion world, especially the latest trends of scarves, and long sleeved shirt in order to stay abreast of fashion trends and fashion but still follow the rules of Islam.

Must-Have Evening Dress Styles

There are various dress styles available in boutiques as well as on line stores. But not all dress styles are trendy and stylish and sometimes even the gorgeous attires are not suitable for you. You absolutely don’t want to wear last season’s dress to a chic party? Thus you need to   dress  in stylish and  fashion-forward  evening  dress . However, you should not follow the fashion trends blindly. The key is to get your own judgment and make sure that the dress you buy is fitting.

Then you may ask what the latest trends of evening attires are. Some of the girls think that A-line dresses must be trendy; they are often seen in evening parties. But I would like to mind you that A-line dresses are no longer trendy for they have been done to death. It is high time that we should embrace more delicate evening gowns. Here I would like to introduce to you the body con dresses. This is a kind of form fitting dress which ends at mid thigh. You may have noticed that most of the body con dresses are strapless attires. If you are a stout girl, you’d better stay away from such dresses or you will look awkward.

Not everyone has the admirable figure. Then how should these girls pick their evening attires? Don’t worry; the Grecian drape gowns will be perfect for them since this dress style is suitable for most of the body shapes. The Grecian drape gown is very stylish, you can see them worn by celebs and Hollywood stars at red carpet events. Although there are various designs of Grecian gowns, one of them remains trendy, that is the shouldered Grecian draped gown. Then it comes to the problem of the dress fabric. The choice of fabric can be anything from satin to chiffon. The only criteria is that the fabric must be body fitting.

If you love the vintage attires, you may choose the flapper gown. The flapper gown has made a comeback recently and it looks great with various embellishments – sequins, beading and pleats. Vintage styles like the flapper dresses are sleeveless and their hemline falls well above the knees. A flapper  dress  in chiffon is one evening  dress  style that every girl who loves  fashion  should have. Another dress style which can stand the test of time is the little black dress. No women can ignore such kind of dresses. There are many designs of this dress and you have to choose one which can bring out your body shape perfectly.

To sum up, A-line dresses have been done to death, you need to try something new – body con dresses. And if the body con dress is not suitable for your body shape, you may try the Grecian drape dress. Except for the dress style, you have to keep an eye on the fabric. Body fitting fabrics are always favoured by most of the girls. If you love the vintage style dresses, you may opt for the flapper gowns. My last suggestion: shopping evening dresses on line will saves a lot of hassle and money.

Remember The Dress

‘Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.’

Such was the mantra of Coco Chanel, legendary french wholesale ladieswear designer and one of the single most influential women in fashion ever, orchestrating the fashion world for over half a century, to the point that she was the only fashion designer named on Time Magazine’s 100 Most Important People of the Century in 2007.

Other than the wholesale clothing manufacturers she founded, one of the largest and most influential in the world, likely her greatest creation was the ‘Little Black Dress’ or ‘LBD’ that she, and her wholesale ladieswear designers, succeeded in popularising across the entire century, and into the next. A wardrobe staple for women internationally, the dress is nothing short of iconic. Pioneered in the 1920’s by Chanel herself, the piece is a wholesale clothing manufacturer’s dream – a simple design for easy production, and in a neutral colour. It is long-lasting, affordable, created to be accessible to the absolute widest market possible and best of all, exceptionally versatile. Paired with accessories and heels for a night out, or pumps and a tailored blazer or jacket, the design is the saviour of the modern woman, and of the wholesale clothing manufacturers that produce them, too.

First appearing in Vogue in 1926, the dress was compared by wholesale clothing manufacturers to a Ford Model T, in that it could be accessible for women of all social classes. In an insightful claim, even for Vogue, it was heralded in an editorial as one day becoming ‘a sort of uniform for all women of taste.’

Chanel’s designs broke the sophisticated symbolic language that surrounded wholesale ladies fashion, especially wholesale ladies fashion, at the turn of the 19th century, where black had been reserved exclusively for mourning widows. This was a daring move after the scandal of John Singer Sargent’s Portrait of Madame X, just a few years earlier, which had shown Virginie Amélie Avegno Gautreau, an infamous Parisian socialite, posing in a low-cut black dress. As well as their inherent popularity amoung wholesale ladies fashion designers and aforementioned versatility, it is possible that Hollywood saved Chanel’s ‘LBDs’ from the same fate as Sargent’s painting, as it was hugely popularised by femme fatales throughout the century as the default image for ‘fallen’ female characters.

Though decades after the first designs, the dresses were hugely popular following the release of Edwards’ Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961, with Audrey Heburn’s classic combination of a pearl necklace, cigarette-holder and a Hugo Givenchy dress becoming one of the most recognisable outfits of the century. There is little doubt among wholesale ladieswear designers and proverbial fashionista’s alike that the modern edge of the simple ‘Little Black   Dress ‘ will remain a  fashion  staple for decades to come.

Hot and Bright Fashion Suits for Women

Hot shorts in vibrant colors are fast catching up with the customers all over the market. In addition; colorful jewelries, handbags, purses, shoes, and big glasses are also playing major role in shaping the fashion trends in women dresses in the current year.

Short Not yet Short

Wearing short dresses may make a woman look sexy but making it too short could be disastrous as far as fashion making is concerned. On the other hand sultry and sexy women dresses are meant for those that do not like to wear shorts. Shorts are good for those that have toned legs and smooth skins. For bit bulkier features, the longer apparels are more preferable. Fact remains that longer women fashion dresses could be as sexy and attractive as any of the best short dresses including casual wear.

Goodbye Full Skirt

One of the important parts of women dresses are the women skirts and mini skirts. For sometimes now full skirts were the trend in the women fashion dress market. Now they are gradually being replaced by bandaged skirts. Considered as the best fit for the women working the night out and fashionable to the core, their fitted tops give the perfect look to the wearer. Especially women looking for the slim figure looks will find the item excellent for their purpose since the fitted top readily accentuates the waistline. Other fashion clothes are the mini skirts those are mostly in neutral tones.

Other Fashion Trends in Women Dresses

Latest fashion trends for women in 2010 has the casual fitted t-shirts those are paired with other apparel like the denim jeans, fits especially nice on the women giving them the cool fashionable looks. One of the items that would never go out of fashion, denim jeans always constitute excellent article for women. Torn jeans and white t-shirts are very fashionable and look nice on the women. Business suits are available in form of blazers as well as formal trousers having leggings or even as shorts. Beads and bangles are often added to give them the feminine look that makes them perfect fashion suits for the women. Knee length Capri that could show off a beautiful and toned calf very well is hot favorite among the younger ones in the current year.

All in all; the current fashion trend is to look hot and sexy while remaining cool and decent.

Women’s Fashion Trends For Autumn 2010

Autumn’s coming up and it’s for all of us to start updating our wardrobe with some new clothes for the upcoming winter. Browsing around all the latest trends for the upcoming season and there are some really good style tips for all the women out there!

The big fashion statement for this season is the long coat trench coat or duffel coat! Last winter saw the military jacket fashion statement back in and the response saw major retailers add women’s military jackets to their Autumn Winter lines.

This fashion trend started when a lot for celebrities like Rihanna started wearing military jackets as a tribute to Michael Jackson and setup a huge following as everybody flocked to buy a military jacket. As with all fads and fashions, Military jackets are still in this season and a few more lines have been added as everybody is going for the long formal dressy trench coat/duffel coat look.

Boot cut jeans are also going to be big this season, major campaigns are including the boot cut look in their main lines; it is interesting to consider who inspired that look?

Military, ’50s and ’70s, minimalist, and androgynous are some of the styles that best characterize this season’s trends, reflecting that woman wear them for versatility.. As for women’s   dresses , it would appear that the 50’s look is back in  fashion . Longer tailed skirts and polka dot cute women’s dresses are going to be big this season! But it’s not only about the dresses; it’s about experimenting with different layers. Chunky knits have made a comeback this season and in some campaigns you can see these knits combined with polka dot dresses and duffel coats. It’s an odd combination but it works.

This winter is going to be all about the 1950’s /1970’s inspired look. Long trenchcoats, 50’s dresses, high waisted trousers, bootcut jeans, flare trousers and the military androgynous look. With London fashion week fast approaching, there are some previews from specific designers and the collections look amazing. The military look is going to be a big thing in winter 2010/2011. If you remember last year we had the Michael Jackson tribute military jacket going on however this year it’s more about long military trench coats. Over Knee boots are another major fashion trend for this season that can be combined with boot cut skinny fir jeans and the trench coat.

The dresses this season are influenced by the 1950s, the anticipation of all those luxury long dresses and the high waited polka dot dresses coming back is keeping fashionistas up at night. In terms of 50s  fashions , the  dresses  back then have influenced our styles and how we dress today. Celebrities like Zooey Deschanel have helped expose the 50’s look as she always went for a 50’s / 60’s look with all the vintage outfits and dresses she wears. The fifties decade of dresses met the minimalism of the 70’s with all the long trench coats and duffle coats which are always a good combination with vintage dresses adding elegance to the overall look. It is worth keeping an eye out for London fashion week and you will notice all these trends by the best designers out there just now.

Club Dresses – Have Fun and Push Your Fashion Limits

Are you going to the clubs? If so, you need a sexy club dress. However, you don’t want to play it safe when selecting club dresses. You want to have fun and push your fashion limits just a bit. The main job of clubwear is to make you look sexy and to help you attract the attention of men at the clubs. This means you need to push the limits a bit so you accomplish this.

Most club dresses are not that expensive, especially when you buy online. You can find all different styles too. There are sexy options and then there are drop dead gorgeous and provocative dresses that will make you the main attraction of the club.

Wondering what styles are available? Two pieces are often popular options. You can go with a micro mini skirt and a halter top for a great look. Mini dresses with sequins or made from metallic fabrics look sexy too. There are longer options with deep plunging necklines and long slits that smolder.

What you want is a dress that is going to hug all your curves in the right way. This is definitely the time to show off your body with the dress that you choose. This may include going with a low cut neckline to show some cleavage, a mini skirt or a slit skirt that shows off your legs. It could even include a low cut back to show off sexy shoulders and a nice back.

The main thing to remember is to have some fun. Enjoy yourself and push your limits just a bit when you are choosing clubwear. The “wow” factor is definitely important. You want to make heads turn and make men gasp when you walk into the room. This means you can’t afford to play it safe. To be one of the sexiest women on the dance floor, choose a dress that shows off your sexiness and your confidence.

Fashion Myths De-Bunked

Why does it seem like the fashion powers-that-be are always contradicting themselves? If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck …

So one minute you have to match your handbag to your shoes and the next you absolutely should not perfectly match your accessories. It’s a crazy world out there and who can keep all the fashion rules straight? They’re always changing any way! Here are some fashion “DON’Ts” that are really fashions DOs!

Wear more than one pattern at a time

Obviously, you have to use some discretion here. You don’t want to wear a leopard print dress with a zebra scarf. Choose a main pattern and let other patterns compliment it. Scarves, when worn correctly, are a great way to accent a great pattern on a dress or skirt. Actress like Kate Bosworth knows how to mix and match patterns.

Go ahead, wear horizontal stripes (we dare you!)

While you need to exercise some restraint–you don’t want to look like an oversized bumblebee–but horizontal midsized stripes can look great in a top. Break up the lines with a cute cardigan and steer clear or crew neck tops with horizontal stripes. If black and white is too startling of a contrast, consider color combos like black and gray or purple and magenta.

Match your shoes and bag? No way!

If you want to look old-fashioned and out of date, go for the super matchy look. But if you want to look as fashion forward as a well-known Ms. Carrie Bradshaw a la Sex & the City, then try a hot color combination like a bright yellow leather clutch with brown sandals or a gold clutch with black platforms. Just make sure to pair complimentary colors, or pick up a hue from a blouse, dress or skirt.

Wearing leggings as pants

Okay, ladies. I don’t care how old (or young) you are, leggings just don’t cut it as pants. This is one trend that has been too liberally interpreted by the masses as a free-for-all let it all hang out frenzy. It must stop. Leggings should be worn as a modern substitute for tights. Pair them with a long tunic, butt covering blouse or shirt dress but never, ever should your bum–or other girl parts–show.